Decorate this Christmas for ‘expensive-looking’ home based on zodiac

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Carpet and flooring retailers Tapi and expert astrologer Inbaal Honigman revealed the best festive decor for each zodiac sign. Johanna Constantinou, brand and communications director at Tapi, said: “Associating interior design with your zodiac sign can be a fantastic way to discover your personal style. Doing this at Christmas time means that you’re injecting a bit of personality into the festivities, which is something your guests over the festive period are sure to love. We hope our tips inspire some ways you can achieve this, without having to spend big.”


According to the astrologer, Aries’ preferences are “value speed and efficiency”. Aries “can’t spend days buying, unwrapping, and placing decorations,” Inbaal said. In terms of decor, the experts recommended a “pop-up tree, with decorations already attached, red tinsel to reflect fire element and give it some statement glitz”.

For the colour scheme, Aries are “the fieriest of all the fire signs, so red should be a staple colour. Consider pairing with black to make the red look more intense,” they advised.


Taurus are traditional and sentimental and they “love to pull out their childhood decorations every year”. The experts said that “a vintage look is inevitable, to go along with the genuine antiques, for those born under the sign of the bull”.

They advised Taurus to opt for “Christmas gonks, angel tree topper, candles and a stocking-adorned fireplace” this year. In terms of colours, red and green are the best options. “The traditional Christmas look is perfect for Taurus, as they’re lovers of tradition and of the olden days.”


Gemini loves the party so every room, especially the living room and kitchen, “need to sparkle, so shiny, glitzy and joyful is their favourite aesthetic for winter”. The best decor for Geminis are “lots of glittering wall art, flashing Christmas lights, and a statement star tree topper. The glitzier the better! A large table laid with buffet food and plenty of festive drinks for the party,” the expert said.

In terms of colours for the house, blue and red are perfect for the sign: “There’s no end to the joy a Gemini can feel, and they’re buoyed by clashing colours and loud seasonal tunes.”


Cancer love to be surrounded by family, so their festive decorations will be practical, wipe-clean and unbreakable, Inbaal explained.

“A big Christmas tree to accommodate lots of presents for family! The cosier the better, so guests can gather together and enjoy the festivities. Lots of picture frames with Christmas’s gone by, as well as plenty of board games for all to enjoy,” the astrologist recommended. Old items will fit with new “in a red and green aesthetic, so all the heritage pieces won’t look out of place,” he said.


Leo loves to make a good impression on guests and “they even care what the neighbours think”. Their Christmas display will be “lavish, extravagant, and displayed by all the windows and on the front door and porch”.

For decor, they will opt for outdoor lights “that will turn heads”. Lots of trimmings in the doorway “so that guests will be in awe” and plenty of statement Christmas artwork and a Christmas tree “with impressive lights, big statement baubles and a big gold star on top!” All of these in green and gold for a “lux and bright” look. This is what Leos like the most: “If it looks regal, they love it.”


The star sign is practical and neat, so they prefer minimalist, fuss-free decor for Christmas. “They love looking festive, but never messy,” the experts said.

“Minimalist theme with no excess of trimmings,” they recommended. “Tastefully placed candles and a Christmas tree neatly decorated to a theme – not too much sparkle!” The best colours for Virgos are natural green mixed with “gold feels festive and fancy, in a way that’s not too overpowering”.


Libras are stylish and elegant, and their home will be trendy every year. “Keeping up with trends demands a lot of focus, so their main pieces will be timeless and neutral, and the rest will fit with their inevitably subtle colour scheme,” the decor experts explained.

Libras love “expensive-looking Christmas decorations with lots of elegant ornaments and warm lighting, as well as a few long candles”.

According to the astrologer, the best colours for Libras’ homes are white and gold. “The most elegant sign of the zodiac, Libra, love pearly white as a neutral. They enjoy the airy quality of a combination that is light, luxurious, and not overbearing.”


The star sign loves its interior décor to have a bit of an edge. “Be it a black tree, a gothy vibe, or a single vintage star, they want their Christmas displays to be unique,” the experts explained.

They recommended Scorpios add a “black Christmas tree with gothic, vintage baubles and ornaments, nothing too bright or flashy, and plenty of long, brooding candles to light the rooms”.

The most suitable colours for Scorpios’ house are red and black. Inbaal added: “They love a stylish combo, but equally appreciate the shadow side of life.”


Sagittarius are free-spirited and love to have fun. They want all the colours and follow their own tastes.

Their ideal Christmas decor is a tree adorned with “a mishmash of ornaments from places they’ve visited,” as they love to travel. “Lots of photos around the home from their travels, and some scented candles with smells that remind them of different countries.”

For a colour scheme, “Sagittarius don’t like to follow rules necessarily, so their colour scheme would fit whatever their collection of decorations allow,” the astrologer revealed.


Capricorns love luxury and quality. “Their aesthetic is that of opulence and charm, so more is more! During the holidays they want to feel a billion times more luxurious than usual,” experts at Tapi said.

Their designer baubles and one-off tree are “their pride and joy” at Christmas time. Capricorns should go all out at Christmas with unique and potentially expensive pieces that get heads turning.

Their colours are silver and gold, of course. “An air of luxury is never far from splendour-fan Capricorn. Their aesthetic is that of opulence and charm, more is more. During the holidays they want to feel like life is luxurious, times a billion,” Inbaal explained.


The zodiac sign has a very unique and creative personality, so their Christmas décor reflects this. They often opt for cosy, “hand-made, nature-inspired and ethically sourced” decorations. “Charity is important to those born under the sign of the Water-bearer, so they’ll shop for decorations locally. A real tree with a quirky charm, and lots of crafty Christmas Gonks and ornaments around the home.”

For Aquarius, black and gold are the best options. “Unique and welcoming is how an Aquarian likes to keep their household. A colour combination that’s very festive, but also almost neutral.”


Pisces is one zodiac sign who actually cares more about feeling joy at Christmas than looking fancy. Therefore, they will decorate in a way that makes everyone feel happy and will likely go “for quirky individual pieces with a colourful rainbow of lights”. A large tree with plenty of space for gifts and lots of hanging lights will be the centre of their cosy home.

The most suitable colours for Pisces are blue and white, “a colour combination reminiscent of the sea will bring much festive joy to Pisces. Water signs love the feeling of being surrounded by the beauty of water and sea foam, even through the wintertime,” Inbaal said.

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