Woman reveals how to wax your legs with SUGAR as salons are shut, but it’s not for the faint-hearted

WITH beauty parlours and salons shut due to lockdown, most of us are probably rocking a little more fuzz over winter.

But if you felt it was time to tackle your furry legs without buying fancy wax strips from the store – there’s a way to do it using what you’ve got in your kitchen cupboards. 

A woman has shared a clip to TikTok revealing how to wax your legs – with sugar – for free. 

She shows herself pouring ordinary white sugar into a saucepan, before heating it up to turn it into a caramel-like substance. 

The woman, called Mira, claims she’s been waxing her legs like this for years, and says the trick is to use an oiled surface. 

She demonstrates using her own ‘disgusting’ legs, which she says she hasn’t touched in a month due to her being in quarantine. 

“This is the way I grew up doing it,” she said, explaining she takes 64g of sugar and 32g of lemon juice and pours it into a saucepan. 

Mira says: “You mix it, when it turns caramel coloured, you put it on an oiled – and that’s the trick – and oiled surface.

“And then you take a little bit of water and you stretch it out as it’s cooling.

“Just to make sure it’s cool and stretchy, it should look something like this.

“Then make sure you have a wet rag, because you will need it to wipe your hands so the sugar doesn’t keep sticking to your hands. 

“So you spread it on my disgusting leg, which as you can see, it’s been a month I’ve been in quarantine. 

“Make sure to get all the edges nice and thin, and then this is how you pull it.”

She films herself ripping the bottom part of the wax up and folding it in on itself, as she repeats the process over her entire leg.  

Mira continues: “And you keep reusing the wax, over and over again. Make sure you have your wet rag handy.

“Do you always keep your hands, once they get sticky you’ll know what I mean.” 

At the end she shows off her smooth legs, saying ‘voila’. 

Her DIY clip has been watched eight million times, as people were blown away by her hack. 

One person said: “Whaaaat?! I used to pay a fortune for waxing.”

Another wrote: “You might have just changed the game!”

A third commented: “Totally trying.” 

While this person said: “Wow this is so amazing… I never saw anything like this before. I have to try this. Can I use any type of sugar?”

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