People always say I’ll never get a job because of my face tattoo… jokes on them, I have an easy way to always get hired | The Sun

A WOMAN with a face tattoo has said she is constantly told it would prevent her from getting a job. 

Sophia Karisma who goes by s0phiawiddah0ss has a small heart shaped tattoo on her cheek.

She says people constantly tell her: “Nobody’s gonna hire you with face tattoos.”

But she says she knows to get hired even with a face tattoo.

Sophia confesses she uses makeup to cover up her tattoo before going out on important occasions like interviews.

In a video online she wipes it off the makeup with a T shirt revealing her small heart shaped tattoo.

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She then said: “Me after I get hired.” 

Even close up you cannot even tell Sophia has a face tattoo.

After sharing her video online many users wanted to know what makeup had such full and effective coverage. 

Sophia confirmed: “I layered Dior Backstage Concealer and Laura Mercier Translucent powder.”

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Sophia's cover up costs a total of £58 with the Dior backstage concealer selling for £24 and the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder costing £34.

One viewer even dubbed her the: “Full coverage queen.”

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Sophia’s video went viral with over 6.2 million views. 

Many viewers said they didn’t see anything wrong with Sophia tattoo.

One user said: “Like what’s wrong w[ith] face tats?? it’s a tattoo but on ur [your] face?? what’s the difference than any other lol.”

Another said: “I think it‘s sad in general that tattoos are seen as unprofessional until today.”

One viewer said they also had face tattoo but didn’t bother with covering them up. 

They said: “I don't even hide mine”

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One user pointed out that because Sophia had a small cheek heart tattoo it would be pretty easy to cover up and those with bigger tattoos may need to try a different method.

They said: “So something so small like that doesn’t take much you could literally use foundation. Now for real tattoos.. try dermablend.”

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