Parents have been left stumped by a maths problem for a 10-year-old to solve, but how long does it take you to crack? | The Sun

A MATHS problem given to a primary school child has left parents completely stumped.

Sky News presenter Anna Botting posted a rather tricky maths question given to her 10-year-old, explaining to fellow Twitter users she found it “genuinely hard”.

The mum-of-two is amongst the many parents who've revealed that maths has never been their strongest point – but can you solve it?

The question reads: “At the beginning of the day, Hasim counted his money.

''He gave his brother 1/3 of his money. He spent £12 on a present for his sister.

“He then counted what he had left, and it was half what he had at the beginning of the day.


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“How much money did he give his brother? Show your method.”

It wasn't just the media star who was baffled – fellow parents raced to declare the problem as “definitely difficult”.

After reading the question, even some teachers weighed in, claiming they “can’t honestly see the point of these highly convoluted maths problems”.

If you just like couldn't figure out, Anna shared the answer after seeking help from her child’s teacher.

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“For those like me who couldn’t do it…,” she wrote.

“To all who said 24 [tick emoji] ️And 72 – read the Q.”

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How you can work out the answer

If Hasim gave his brother 1/3 of his money, spent £12, and has half of his money left, then:

12 = (1/6)x

Then resolve x:

x = 72

So how much did Hasim give his brother?

72/3 = £24

Was that your guess? And if so, how long did it take? Let us know in the comments.

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