I’ve been fighting with my disabled neighbour for 10 years about their parking spot – she’s now taken it to a new level | The Sun

A WOMAN confessed that she's been feuding with her disabled neighbour for a decade over a parking space.

After living in her home for 17 years a new person moved in next door, but that's where things started to go down hill.

Writing on Mumsnet, the anonymous woman explained that each house in the quiet cul-de-sac has their own allocated parking space, but there's also extra parking for visitors.

Since some houses have multiple cars the extra spaces are often taken up, "it doesn't appear to be an issue with anyone including me," she explained.

Her nightmare neighbour also has her own allocated parking spot, but it's at the back of her house and since she has mobility issues she chooses to park at the front, which blocks off another much needed space.

Despite parking usually being tight, most of the cul-de-sac manage to get on well, aside from the mum's neighbour.


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"Households do sometimes have more than one vehicle and everyone else on the street is incredibly understanding," the mum wrote.

But since the mum's household got another car this started to annoy her even more, since they really needed the extra space.

She explained: "We've ignored her a long time, despite her harassing anyone that parks there. She has harassed my family, construction workers, delivery drivers – you name it! I'm at my wits ends."

The neighbour even left a harsh note on the car of a worker who came to do some handiwork for the mum.

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But her next door neighbour decided to take things to another level because she was so sick of people parking in front of her house.

"This woman, has proceeded to put CONES In an empty slot on the public highway, not reserving it for any reason as she has one car.

"No daily visitors – her sole reason is 'I don't want anyone parking in front of my house'."

After speaking to the council and the police about the ordeal the mum managed to confirm her suspicions that it's illegal to reserve parking on a public highway.

"Coming home after a long shift, moving cones to park my car is proving tiresome!

"It's not even the inconvenience, its the AUDACITY," she fumed.

The mum asked what she should do with the cones so she doesn't have to keep moving them to park her car.

"I want to put them in my boot and dump them 500 miles from my house," she jabbed.

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One user suggested the mum should "nick the cones in the middle of the night."

And another commented on the post: "Remove the cones – not just when you want to use the space, but any time you see them. Consider it a public service, you’re clearing up after someone fly-tipped them."

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