My girl, 11, is so rich she can retire at 15, but her Christmas list STILL includes a £1k designer bag & more | The Sun

A MUM has shared her daughter’s jaw dropping Christmas list with her social media followers, showing how it’s packed full to the brim with expensive buys.

Mum-of-two Roxy Jacenko from Sydney, Australia, revealed her little girl Pixie, who is just 11, has asked for a mega haul, including a designer bag that costs £1000 and tons of designer clothes. 

Roxy, who also has a younger son called Hunter with her banker husband Oliver, shared the exact list Pixie had asked for on her Instagram account.

It showed how the youngster had broken it down into two halves, one labelled “expensive” and the other “mid/cheap.”

The expensive list features the likes of a Blue Goyard bag, which retails for a grand upwards, designer clothes and swimwear, and Yeezy trainers

While the “cheap” part contains items such as a bikini and Skims lounge suits, which sell for approximately £60.

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Alongside the snap, Roxy wrote: “I’m so pleased @pixiecurtis has given options for various budgets.”

However, it’s no wonder Pixie has an expensive taste.

That’s because even though she hasn’t yet reached her teens, she’s already a pint-sized, multi-millionaire businesswoman.

Since launching her online fidget toy shop called Pixie’s Pix at the height of the pandemic, Pixie has raked in a whopping

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She’s also predicted to be worth £11 million by her 18th birthday and could even retire by the time she’s 15 when she’ll be said to have banked £6 million. 

Opening up to Fabulous in the past, Roxy explained more about her daughter’s incredible success story.

She explained: “It all started when Pixie was scrolling TikTok in March 2021, and fidget toys were trending.

“At that time, I ran a website called Pixie’s Bows, selling hair accessories.

“But after seeing how fidget toys were growing in popularity, she insisted we stock them and said she wanted to get involved.

Since then, it’s been Pixie in charge

“I helped her make contact with suppliers and I invested in the initial stock, but since then, it’s been Pixie in charge.”

But Roxy was quick to say that Pixie is very aware of how fortunate she is – and that she’s definitely not a spoiled brat.

The proud mum continued: “She’s also experienced bullying, like when I shared her Christmas wish list on Instagram.

“She’d asked for an expensive skin cream and people were saying she was a spoiled monster.

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“I reassured her that they were just jealous and to pay them no attention.

“She knows how fortunate she is, so likes to give back and recently donated £42,000 of toys from her business to a children’s hospital.”

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