My doctors said it'd be impossible to lose my C-section 'mom pouch' – I have two kids under two but I proved them wrong | The Sun

A MOM has proved that a flat tummy is possible again after a C-section.

Her doctors told her it would be impossible to get rid of her "mom pouch."

Fortunately, she refused to give up and devised her own workout routine.

The results demonstrated they were wrong – and she was right not to give up.

Kemie Pierre (@onlykemie) is tireless and her determination to return to her pre-pregnancy body was down to her hard work.

She is married with a couple of children under the age of two. She is also a nursing student.

Somehow, she managed to fit in some time to get back in shape.

In her post, she showed the progress she had made since surgery: "This is only five months since I had my C-section," she said.

Kemie demonstrated what she did and it involved focussed weight exercises, done with consistency and dedication.

It has paid off for her, but there was a proviso: “It’s possible but depends on how hard you want it," she wrote.

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This lady had ignored suggestions that her mom pouch was here to stay.

“They almost made you believe that it’s impossible to lose the mom pouch after C-Section," she said.

Kemie did point out, however, that she was not new to a workout, and that may have had some bearing, she figured.

“I started around eight weeks, just body weights.

"Keep in mind I used to work out before and during my pregnancy. Listen to your body. No rush mama," she advised one commenter.

Viewers to her post related to her desire to get rid of the postpartum tummy.

One person said: “Six month post C-section and also mom of two and my tummy is not so big anymore."

She continued: "I lift and wight train and I’m still breastfeeding. Portion control is also important.”

Another said don't stress about it: “Just take it easy. It took me almost two years because I was always too tired to work out. Do it when you are ready.”

While a third said: “Go girl. I never thought after four C-sections Iwould have a flat tummy but it’s happening.”

There were reassuring words from Kin. They work around issues connected to women's reproductive help.

They said it can take a long time for a woman's body to recover.

They said: "A C-section can take an enormous toll on a woman’s body and her stomach is likely to look and feel different for months even years after surgery."

But there was hope, they said.

"For some women, scar tissue from a C-Section can't be removed with exercise or diet changes alone.

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"This may mean surgery is the only way to completely eliminate a postpartum pouch.

"But for others, following an exercise program and focusing on core exercises can be enough to flatten the appearance of this pouch."

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