Mum reveals sneaky incentive she gives her daughter to clean her room when she is out

A MUM revealed she has a sneaky way of incentivising her daughter to clean her room when she is out.

Savvy TikToker Linda Yu Qian showed how she slips money under the messy items in her child’s room.

In a video on her @lindayuqian account, she showed how she put $20 under the clothes covering her daughter’s bed, $20 under the keyboard on her desk and £20 under a cloth in the bathroom.

She wrote: “My teen said she will clean her room when I leave for grocery shopping.

“If she really does it well, she will be happy with what she earns.

“My question: Why she? How much will she make?

“Let’s wait and see.”

It wasn't good news, as in a follow-up video, she showed how her daughter hadn’t made her bed or cleaned the bathroom.

However, she had tidied her desk area and straightened her keyboard. 

The mum said: “At least she made $20.”

Many people were clearly entertained by Linda’s idea, as the videos have racked up over 230,000 likes.

One person said: “Hahaaa rewarded if done.”

Another added: “This is really sweet but I'd be afraid of accidentally losing it or throwing it away lol.

And a third joked: “What if she sees the money then she just stops cleaning.”

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