Kendall and Kaia Have Found The Exact Same Uniform

The idea of “model off-duty style” implies that all models have the same style, which is certainly not always the case. Yet, over the past few days young supers Kendall Jenner and Kaia Gerber have been spotted out and about in strikingly similar outfits, right down to their Ugg boots. This isn’t a one time thing either, as they’ve both seemed to adopt the silhouette as something of their casual winter uniform. A very Southern California winter-appropriate uniform, but winter wear nonetheless.

Breaking down the look feels like a “how to dress like a supermodel getting coffee” TikTok challenge in the making. First, grab a pair of dark-colored leggings. Pair them with some Classic Ultra Mini Uggs. Throw on a small shoulder bag. Then, grab a comfy sweatshirt or zip-off, perhaps a size too large, but tuck it in to give some shape to the center. Finish off the look, of course, with a face mask.

We’ll be the first to admit that the look is not particularly a groundbreaking development in the world of personal style, perhaps even less so than florals for spring. Yet, we’re all in the middle of a pandemic, and finding a few basic silhouettes that require little thought but still look somewhat intentional and put together for the few times we do leave the house is not a bad idea. It’s good enough for two young supermodels, after all.

Jenner put her spin on the look first back on December 14th when she was spotted out and about in SoCal with pal Hailey Bieber (who, so far, has not joined in on the trend). Jenner’s original take was all black, topped with a fleece half-zip.

She revisited the look last week, this time matching blue with brown (though the shoes and the purse remained the same).

Gerber, meanwhile, has been spotted in three different versions of the look in the past week alone. Although, her take has one major difference from Jenner’s: she likes to tuck her leggings into white athletic socks. This is actually something of a Kaia style trademark we’ve seen before with both leggings and skinny jeans.

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