Katie Holmes and Chrissy Teigen Have Both Worn This Skin-Friendly Mask

At this point, it's an unspoken rule: When Katie Holmes wears something, we'll inevitably want to wear it, too. Unfortunately, many of her most iconic style moments also come with a hefty price tag (who could forget when she wore $600 sandals in the middle of winter?). Even so, she's known for a few attainable wardrobe staples, one of which is finally back in stock.

The Tokyo Gray Disposable Face Masks from Evolvetogether are one of the brand's most in-demand colors, and Holmes has worn them multiple times. Before today's restock, the Tokyo multipacks had a waitlist of over 5,000 people — that's the equivalent of more than 400 thousand masks.

Each Evolvetogether mask has water-resistant outer and inner layers, along with a meltblown center made from tightly woven fabric for maximum filtration efficiency. The resulting three-ply design is breathable, but still filters over 98 percent of bacteria and 95 percent of non-bacteria (see: non-coronavirus) particles. Plus, an adjustable nose bridge and comfortable ear loops ensure a personalized fit. Since the masks are made in an FDA-registered factory, you can trust that they're the real deal.

Unlike some reusable options, which can irritate skin when they aren't properly washed, Evolvetogether's Tokyo masks are single-use, hypoallergenic, and latex-free, making them kind to your complexion. It makes sense, then, that the masks are a favorite of Holmes, Chrissy Teigen, and Emily Ratajkowski, all of whom are known for their lit-from-within glow.

A pack of seven Tokyo masks costs $9, while a 30-pack will run you $36. Both come with a reusable zip-up carrying pouch in the same elephant-inspired hue. For every purchase, Evolvetogether will donate a portion of profits to the Wildlife Conservation Network, a nonprofit that protects endangered species in the United States. 

We recommend grabbing a pack of Evolvetogether's Tokyo Gray Masks as soon as possible. They've sold out before, so there's no telling how long this batch will last.

evolvetogether tokyo 30 gray face masks

Shop now: $36 for 30 masks; evolvetogether.com

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