I'm a beauty expert, here’s how to give yourself an instant face lift using make-up

THERE are thousands of tweakments and beauty products on the market to keep us looking young and fresh – but they certainly come at a price. 

However, one beauty expert has revealed her top secret that will save you the hastle of trawling through the shop shelves.

Katie Farhood claims it will instantly give yourself a face lift and all you need are the products you most probably already have in your makeup bag. 

And so she took to TikTok to share a makeup tutorial with her 1.1m followers, giving a step-by-step guide on how to do it. 

People are going crazy for it. 

She first starts off by applying gel to her eyebrows to make sure they stay straight, and then she uses an eyebrow pencil to fill them out making sure she is drawing the tail towards her temple. 


Then with concealer Katie lightly carves out her brows, and then uses a lighter shade eyeshadow adding it to the inner part of her crease. 

She then focuses on the eyeliner. 

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Katie says: “The best way to know where to put your wing is to pretend that (the outer) part of your eye continued up. Then fill in the wing.”

She then adds a dark brown eyeshadow directly above the wing.

Katie adds: “Blend that up the temples and the inner part of your brow bone.

“The light shade of the lid goes on the inner part of your brow bone. The black on the inner line gives it that sultry look. 

“Moisturisers on a brush helps to sharpen the eyes up, and clean it up.”

And then when it comes to lashes, she prefers a demi compared to full. Demi lashes are shorter in length. 

Katie adds: “It starts off in the middle and gives you that full lifted effect and applies them above your lash line, then curls them.”

When I blend it out, I make sure that the concealer is following that sharp shape that we made

She then demonstrates how to apply her foundation and concealer 

She says: “When I blend it out, I make sure that the concealer is following that sharp shape that we made.” 

Katie then blends out her cream contour on her hands – and focuses on the top area of her cheekbones and the temples

She says: “Now with my cream contour on my brush, I am pressing it into my cheekbone.”

To finish off Katie blends her nose contour in her eyeshadow, and then follows by putting her blusher at the high points of her cheeks, then blends with her sponge.

She says: “Now with powder contour I like to exaggerate the area and basically blend it into my hairline.

“My favourite thing to do is taking my bronze and blending it into my eye shadow. It looks so seamless when you do this. 

“And with that same bronzer smoke out the lash and bottom line.”

Pretty sure this is the best explained tutorial ever

Lastly Katie adds mascara to the bottom lashes, blends her lip with a lip liner, followed by a gloss and then finalises her look with some setting spray. 

Talking about makeup look, she says: “It really makes the eyes pop and it lifts up your face so much.”

And her followers loved the tutorial, with one saying: "Pretty sure this is the best explained tutorial ever!"

Another added: "She makes this look so easy."

A third wrote: "Damn that was super helpful!!!!"

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