I kitted out my first home with cheap products – here’s what I regret one year on, you need to avoid a certain Asda item | The Sun

WHEN you buy your first home, money may be tight when it comes to kitting it out with furniture and belongings.

However, as the old proverb goes “buy cheap, buy twice”, as one man discovered.

TikTok user @mr.harry.white uploaded a video sharing the items he regretted buying for his first home.

The first item he wishes he hadn’t bought is Ikea’s Parup Sofa.

Harry explained why, saying: “Only had it a year, the foam is terrible and already so flat.”

His second regret was buying a cream “cookwear set”, as he claimed it “stained after first use, no matter how hard you clean it.”

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Wooden utensils were also one of the buys he would think twice about next time.

He explained: “Stain straight away and holds lots of dirt.”

Harry showed how he picked up some stylish white plates from Asda, but they also haven’t gone down well.

He said they were “blates” [bowl/plates] and so were “too thick to fit in the dishwasher.”

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Finally he regretted buying a “suitcase vinyl player”.

Although it may look quirky, the homeowner said they have “terrible sound and scratches vinyl”. 

Harry added: “Should have just invested in a proper set up.”

His video has racked up 26,000 likes, and people were quick to comment.

One said: “These plates are the bane of my life. They’re so gorgeous but god I hate them.”
Another added: “i returned my couch for the same reason.”

And a third commented: “This actually is going to help me not make the same mistakes! Thanks!”

However, many people claimed wooden utensils are good for being “antibacterial”.

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