What you see first in this optical illusion reveals your true personality – do you have the gift of intuition? | The Sun

THE symbol that you can see first in this optical illusion could reveal a personality trait you were unaware of.

Viewers might even be able to say they have the gift of intuition based on what they can see in this brainteaser.

The intricately-designed picture features an array of symbols, including a book, a heart, a tilted cross, balloons, roses, a smiling face, a tie, and a lion.

Readers that are drawn to the roses like to avoid any unnecessary gossip and love to please others, according to experts at The Mind Journal.

The article says: “Gentleness comes easily to you and you always do your best to please others.”

Viewers that can see the balloons are optimistic and hopeful, but they may have a wandering mind.

Experts have warned: "A wandering mind sometimes leaves you feeling like you’re stuck in limbo."

Readers that spot the book feel comfortable handling challenges and are smart.

The Mind Journal explains that viewers whose eyes are drawn to the tilted cross are renowned for their discipline.

The article said: “You have taught yourself self-control and you are now a master of your own self, something others struggle to achieve.”

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Viewers who are instantly drawn to the hearts are kind and are not resentful for long periods of time.

They are known for their compassion, ability to forgive others, and are dedicated to try and find love.

Readers that spot the lion are renowned for their bravery and courage.

Experts have revealed: “You possess great self-confidence but you are also honest with yourself.”

And, viewers who spot the smiling face like to be optimistic and have a sense of humor.

Meanwhile, readers who notice the tie aren’t frightened of hurdles in life but have been warned that their experiences differ from others.

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