There’s yet another delusional report about the Sussexes & the Beckhams

Over the last week, there was a surprising amount of commentary and taking-stock articles about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. I think some of it was about Meghan’s birthday last Friday, and some of it was the general summer ennui of little to no real “royal gossip.” While many outlets focused on the Sussexes’ business and their plans for the future, the Sun and the Daily Mail have been fixated on a gossip story that they alone made up, a story which has no bearing on anything actually happening in Harry and Meghan’s lives. Like, say what you will about the nastiness around the Sussexes’ business, but something actually happened there, they split from Spotify and there’s something real to gossip about. But this story about H&M “breaking up” with David and Victoria Beckham is purely fantasy, it’s just some fever dream cooked up by the tabloids as part of their need to smear and defame the Sussexes. Well, the latest dumbf–kery is from that delusional codger Tom Bower, who now claims that Meghan is jealous of both David and Victoria? I’m only covering this because it’s being picked up widely, and it needs to be called out.

The royal snub was brutal. After flying for 22 hours from London to Sydney at Prince Harry’s request, David Beckham was puzzled why the prince had not met him.

“Where is he?” David asked officials as he waited for Harry. “When will I meet him?” he kept asking. But the prince had had no plans to see the former England football captain, nor even of being pictured with him. It was October 2018, and Harry was hosting the Invictus Games. Over previous years, Harry had met David at celebrity functions and also socially.

Since David had played a prominent role bringing the 2012 Olympics to Britain and an important part in the 2010 unsuccessful bid for the football World Cup, it seemed natural for the prince to ask David to join him at the celebrated competition for injured servicemen. Harry’s invitation had originally been offered during his sunlit wedding in Windsor five months earlier. As a man who loved the royals, David would never refuse such an important request. But having flown half-way around the world, he was perplexed why officials after he arrived at the sporting venue were playing a dance to keep him happy, but away from Harry.

The reason for the distance was Meghan, the newly married Duchess of Sussex. She wanted no competition in the media from David, and especially not from his wife, Victoria. Meghan’s visit to Australia was her first foreign royal tour and appeared to be a huge success. Meeting cheering crowds of admirers convinced Meghan that she was the Royal Family’s new Diana.

But inside the Sussexes’ headquarters in Sydney, the atmosphere was miserable. Meghan shouted at her staff and allegedly threw a cup of tea into the air. Accused in London of bullying her staff — an accusation she has denied — both she and Harry were constantly searching the internet for hateful comments about themselves. In her bad mood, it seemed she was not prepared to tolerate anything flattering regarding the Beckhams and the Games to appear in the media.

At the house the Beckham family had rented in North Shore, Harry’s snub was barely mentioned between David and Victoria. David didn’t want to dwell on it. “A bit strange,” he said, but he did not call Harry.

Nevertheless, the Beckhams were perplexed by Meghan.Ever since she had first moved into Harry’s cottage in Kensington Palace in 2017, the Beckhams had been generous towards her. Unknown to the public, when she privately returned to Los Angeles before her marriage, she stayed in the Beckhams’ six-bedroom luxurious house in Beverly Hills. Her excuse was to avoid the paparazzi. At no cost, all her needs were provided by the Beckhams’ staff. If there was any suspicion that Meghan was taking advantage of her new status, the Beckhams pushed their gripe aside.

[From The Sun]

It has been five years since the Sussexes scared the sh-t out of the Windsors during their massively successful South Pacific Tour in the fall of 2018, and the Windsors and their media allies are still trying to find ways to delegitimize the reaction Harry and Meghan got on that tour. The Windsors and the royal media still can’t cope with the fact that they harassed a pregnant woman into suicidal ideation and that they ran off the two most popular royals. They’re still trying to make it sound like Meghan was awful, that she threw cups of tea (??), that she was nasty to staff, and now, that she didn’t want the Beckhams to pull focus from her. What is the goal here? Is it simply a completely made-up soap opera storyline or is there something even more nefarious going on with this specific Beckham storyline? Anyway, none of this is true. Victoria didn’t even go to Australia for the Invictus Games.

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