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A WOMAN was left fuming when the new boots she ordered turned up worn, and covered in mud.

Emily Carragher, 21, placed an order for the chunky black boots on Pretty Little Thing, but first realised something was wrong when she opened the parcel to find a battered box shoe box inside.

Not only that, but the box was held together with sellotape – with blonde hair stuck to it.

"When I saw the boots we all thought it was a joke," she said.

"They were disgusting, they were smelly and looked like they were years old. The metal was all tarnished and they were thick with mud.

"I was so shocked and I couldn’t believe it, they were not what I'd ordered, I just looked at them and thought surely this hasn’t happened."

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The boots weren't even the ones she ordered, and also weren't in her size.

But when she contacted Pretty Little Thing, she was told to wash the mud off – and offered a 30% discount on her next order.

"When got this response I messaged back saying this isn’t what I ordered, they were not the correct boots or size, the metal is tarnished and I'm so disappointed and it was also late, I asked for my money back in full," Emily continued.

"Then someone else had taken over the conversation and they then offered me a 40% discount code.

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"I responded saying it's not just faulty, they're someone's old boots and they look years old and smell.

"I just wanted my money back, not to have to wash someone's dirty shoes."

Emily then took to TikTok to post a video showing the boots and a screenshot of the conversation she'd had with the customer services department.

At which point, someone else got in touch from Pretty Little Thing and offered her a full refund.

"They told me they had been made aware of my videos and wanted to reach out to apologise, but it shouldn’t have come to this," she said.

"I also got a gift card for the trouble so at least I have some compensation.

"I'm going to use the gift card so will place an order again, I don’t think it will happen again, but it has put me off a little.

"I think I'm over the boots now, I needed them for the next day when I ordered them as I was planning on wearing them on a night out but the night out has been and gone now.

"I'm just happy it was resolved!"

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A spokesperson from Pretty Little Thing said of Emily's situation: "We understand this is not the standard our customers should receive their items.

"We have spoken to and apologised to the customer as well as issuing a full refund who has confirmed she is happy with how this has been resolved."

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