Dad shares genius hack on how to get your kids to actually take deep breaths to calm down and it works like a charm

HOW many of us have been told to "take a deep breath" to calm down when we're worked up about something?

The advice is always effective, but can be hard for children to understand.

But one dad has come up with a genius way to get his kids to deeply inhale to calm themselves down when they're having a tantrum.

Ollie Best took to his TikTok page to share the hack, alongside a video of himself enjoying a nice sunshine-filled walk.

"So we all know that when little ones can’t verbalise what they want or what they’re trying to say, they get frustrated and have a mental breakdown, and nothing – not even chocolate – will help them calm down," he began.

"Breathing is actually really good for them to calm down.

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"But sometimes, when you ask them just to breathe, it makes it worse.

"So I learnt this new trick and I tried it last night, and my God did it work."

Ollie's trick is that instead of asking his kids to breathe, he asks them, "Can you smell that?"

"They will instantly try to smell what you’re trying to smell," he explained.

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"They will take a deep breath in and they will breathe out slowly by saying, ‘I don’t know’.

"Do that three times – back to normal, as if nothing was wrong."

Once they've breathed in this way and calm down, "then you can talk to them about what they need", Ollie concluded.

Other parents quickly took to the comments section to praise Ollie for his trick, with one writing: "why am I seeing this after my 1 n half Yr old had a tantrum at soft play and I'm too pregnant and cried with him.

"Need this trick for the future."

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"That's a great idea, I will be trying this," another added.

"I’m going to try this! I have four kids and will try anything lol," someone else commented.

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