I found my dream wedding dress but was stunned when my best friends said I looked like a napkin

BROADWAY actress and two-time Tony award winner Sutton Foster thought she had found her dream wedding dress but her friends weren’t so sure.

Appearing on Say Yes to the Dress, the Shrek: The Musical star fell in love with a $6,800 Pnina Tornai, but her friends didn’t quite feel the same way – with one telling her she looked like a napkin.

Arriving at Kleinfelds Sutton says she’s looking for style she hasn’t worn before, adding: “I really want to feel like, when I’m walking down the aisle, that it’s Sutton, and I’m not putting on a costume.”

“Working with celebrity brides is always a challenge,” says bridal consultant Lisa, “today she’s a bride, she’s not the celebrity, she’s not on the red carpet, so we have to find something that makes her look and feel like a bride.”

The first dress Sutton tries on she seems to like, describing it as “gorgeous” although her friends disagree, with one saying “I hear trumpets when I see that and maybe you just want violins.” 

Deciding that perhaps this isn’t the dress for her, Sutton heads back to the fitting room, where she discovers the Pnina Tornai dress.


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Showing her friends the dress she loves, however, goes much like the first dress. One friend tells the actres: “When I saw you walk in over there, I thought you looked like a napkin.”

Speaking to the camera, Stephanie, Sutton’s critical friend, continues: “If you take the little ring and you squeeze it up the napkin and it flares out, that’s what she’s wearing.”

Heading back to the dressing room, Sutton tries on a number of other dresses, but none of them quite match up to the Pnina Tornai – which she decides to try on once more.

Sutton’s father is a fan of the dress, adding that it’s one that she’ll be able to dance in. A couple of her friends still need convincing though.

Bridal consultant Lisa does not give up on the dress, declaring she knows “exactly what to do now to change it up just enough that everyone’s going to love it.”

Removing a part of the dress’s decoration, Lisa replaces this with a glittering belt, which seems to convince Sutton’s friends that this is her perfect dress.

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“I actually love it now” says Stephanie, who earlier said it looked somewhat like a napkin.

All’s well that ends well clearly, as Sutton did in fact marry her fiancé wearing this dress, with the matching belt Lisa suggested.

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