Britney Spears, 41, has likely spent $30K on Botox and fillers – it makes her look strangely 'crooked,' says surgeon | The Sun

BRITNEY Spears's shock divorce from Sam Asghari means major change is underway for the world-famous pop star who once had it all.

But a plastic surgeon has claimed Britiney's beauty will also switch up when she goes back to the wrinkle-busting treatment she started off with.

Britney shared a video on Instagram on August 13 in which she said that she had given up Botox.

Before claiming that it was "horrific," she wrote: "One eyebrow is up and one is down."

The Toxic singer explained that she had found a replacement product called SiO, which is a silicone beauty patch.

In the closely-shot video, Britney spoke to the camera with one SiO patch stuck to her forehead.

She shared: "I’m sharing this because it actually really does work."

In an exclusive interview, facial plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Westreich told The U.S. Sun: “I do not understand why Britney had a hard time getting basic decent Botox.

"This would be where she was not crooked every time.

“She could have been going to new doctors every single time, which can be problematic.

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"At some point, Britney is probably going to go back to doing Botox.

"Over eight years, she looks to have had Botox on her forehead and around her eyes.

"Britney has been getting filler in her lips and her labial folds.

“She has probably spent up to $30,400 on injectables so far."

Given Britney's recent anti-aging efforts, Westreich speculated further why she would revert back to her old routine.

“Britney is now using the Sio product for her wrinkles which is just a silicone sticker," he explained.

“Silicone, in terms of wound healing, does have some properties for scars.

"It is possible that it has some effect on the skin.

"I do not think the SiO is going to be as good as Botox because it is not 24/7.

“Some patients may have a skin reaction from keeping patches on at night or several hours in the day.

“But it is also possible that it is just reducing movement while Britney is sleeping.

“Britney may find her new products in later years are less effective."

Since there was no disclaimer or sponsor mentioned on Britney's Instagram post it appeared the megastar genuinely liked SiO.

The Grammy award winner also described how Botox had left her "black and blue."

She said doctors explained the bruising would go away after she was injected.

However, Westreich suggested that Britney find a new surgeon and then keep the same one.

“What Britney should do is find one reliable doctor and stay with that reliable one," he advised.

“People sometimes go and have one Botox treatment, have an issue and they do not go back to that same person.

“Then they have an issue with the new doctor and move on from them as well.

“This might have happened to Britney."

Westreich detailed how even the best Botox injectors bruise their patients.

"We are alive and there is blood in the skin and you can not always see where all the vessels are," he said.

“Celebrities also often get the worst treatment or the person injecting is a little nervous.

“Sometimes instead of sticking to their convictions, these doctors will often capitulate to what a celebrity is asking for."

As the official Queen of Pop, Britney has been in the public eye since a teenager.

The beginning of a glittering singing career on stage might have meant that how she looked mattered.

In March 2022, the mom of two confessed to considering getting a boob job.

“It’s crazy living in Los Angeles. I was thinking about getting a boob job,” she wrote on Instagram at the time.

In 2013, Britney also told InStyle about cosmetic work on her face.

"A doctor I see, Dr. Kanodia, does fun stuff to me sometimes—I’ve had lip injections before," she said.

Westreich claimed while the newly single singer started using injectables, she may have had a nose job as well.

“It is possible she might have gotten her nose done in the past, “ he suggested.

“It is also possible she had extreme weight loss.

“From around 2002, Britney had just had a little bit less volume in her nose tip.

“It progressively gets a little bit narrower and then stabilizes at a certain point.

“After 2006 and having Sean I think there is a little bit of weight loss and a little bit of aging.

“I do not think Britney has done any big amount of surgery.

“She has progressively developed wrinkles over the rest of the timeline.

"Britney got some pretty, pretty defined wrinkles in her forehead after she had the children.

“It looks like Britney likely started doing Botox and filler in her lips and smile lines on and off from around 2015.

“In 2019, she might have stopped a bit and might have crashed.”

It was, in fact, 2019 when her romance with Sam started to heat up.

At the time Britney took him to a few red carpet events and stood solo.

The couple married only to split 14 months later when their relationship hit the rocks.

Despite her rollercoaster love life, Westreich seemed hopeful that Britney will sort out her anti-aging regimen.

“I do not think this SiO she showed is going to be as good as Botox because it's not 24/7," he claimed.

“Some patients may have a skin reaction from keeping patches on at night or several hours in the day.

“It is strange that Britney did not go and find a better person to do her Botox.

“If you keep a record of how much you're giving and where you're putting it, the variability in the placement is not going to be great.

“She may have asymmetrical movement patterns and need more on one side than the other side.

“She could have had her first round and come back and tweaked it.

"This would mean adding a little bit of additional product in the area.

“It would be notated and adapted on the next visit.

“I always treat symmetrically on the first treatment, even if a client looks like they have asymmetrical movement patterns.

"If they come back and they say they need a little bit more, we give them a little bit more. It is not all complicated.

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“From what she has written on Instagram this is not been the first time this Botox has gone wrong in her head.

“It is a shame but she still looks good for her age.”

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