Italian Eurovision winner and L’Italiano hitmaker Toto Cutugno dies

Eurovision Song Contest winner Salvatore ‘Toto’ Cutugno has sadly died at the age of 80.

The Italian singer, who is probably best remembered for his hit song L’Italiano, reportedly died at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan yesterday.

The star previously overcame prostate cancer after being diagnosed in 2007, continuing to perform for fans from around the world.

When the music legend reached his seventies, he suffered from further health issues and chose to step back from the spotlight.

While his music didn’t manage to make a huge mark on the UK charts, he gained international acclaim, with L’Italiano reaching the number one spot in charts across Europe. 

Born in Tuscany, the singer rose to fame following his decade-long stint on the stage at the Sanremo music festival, which inspired the Eurovision Song Contest.

He came in second place an astonishing six times, before finally winning with his song Solo Noi in 1980. 

He entered the Eurovision Song Contest, writing both the lyrics and music for his country’s entry, in 1990 in Zagreb, Croatia.

He ended up winning the competition with his meaningful song Insieme: 1992, which was about bringing the disparate nations of Europe together.

In 2007, the artist was forced to have his right kidney removed after metastases reached the organ following his battle with prostate cancer. 

He credited his colleague, fellow singer Albano Carrisi, for helping him discover his illness and for helping him through it at the time.

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