'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Is Now the Sixth Highest-Grossing Film in the US

Sony and Marvel’s Spider-Man: No Way Home has officially moved up the ladder to become the sixth highest-grossing film in history.

According to reports, the Tom Holland-led superhero movie topped the box office for its fourth weekend with $33 million USD in the US, increasing its domestic earnings to $668 million USD. The new total allowed No Way Home to overtake Titanic’s $659 million USD and Jurassic World’s $652 million USD, and is well on its way to overtake Avengers: Infinity War’s $678 million USD.

No Way Home earned $1.53 billion USD in the global market and is currently the eight highest-grossing film worldwide, surpassing The Avengers, Furious 7, Frozen II and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

In a recent interview, writers Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers shared that they got the idea of the multiverse from Kevin Feige:

“We were kicking around a lot of different ideas and then finally one day, for various reasons – there were reasons why we couldn’t do certain storylines – I think it was Kevin who goes, ‘Remember that idea with all the villains that we were talking about for a tag? That Sinister Six idea? Why don’t we just do it in the movie? Make this movie be about that?’ and then that just sort of blew everything open.”

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