P.Andrade Debuts Menswear Collection Inspired by Brazil's Art, Architecture and Natural Surroundings

Brazilian menswear label P.Andrade presents its debut collection which comes from designer couple Pedro Andrade and Paula Kim. The duo came together to create a design house that expresses their love of Brazil and to offer their own artistic expressions of the country’s culture through clothing. Pedro Andrade is renowned for his streetwear brand Piet, while Kim, a Central Saint Martin graduate, has built her experiences at established fashion labels such as Dior, Burberry, Dianne Von Furstenberg, Tommy Hilfiger and Zara. She also runs her own womenswear brand, Lapô.

P.Andrade’s introductory range blends minimalism, technical construction and artistic expressions. The house utilizes smart tailoring through abstract cuts – layers are mixed and remixed with voluminous shapes that can transform to cinched looks with various drawstring placements. Outerwear is built with precision through symmetrical, geometric seams. Elsewhere, suits, trousers and buttoned tops offer a relaxed feel with some displaying bold graphic prints of the human form. The brand commissioned Brazilian artist Walmor Corrêa to “represent the study of Brazilian tales and their relationship with nature, through prints that tell stories of folklore characters, from a brilliant, almost scientific perspective.”

In terms of materials, P.Andrade drives sustainability with its use of recycled fibers, biodegradable and bio-based materials. A cactus-based textile was used to form the collection’s Mule Tabi shoes. Tones of muted greys, greens and other natural shades are implemented for the debut collection’s color story with most hues being inspired from modern Brazilian furniture.

Architecture was also a central element to the new line – the duo studied weights and cuts, interpreting Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer’s designs of the Alvorada Palace in Brasilia for the collection’s silhouettes and structures. Other references also included the works of other renowned Brazilian artists and architects such as Lygia Clark, Affonso Eduardo Reidy, Lina Bo Bardi and Paulo Mendes da Rocha. These names are surely to pop up once more as inspiration for future works of Andrade and Kim. Lastly, the Brazilian flora was also a point of reference for the brand, which balances the new collection’s architectural elements with a more natural and “raw” counter perspective.

Pedro Andrade and Paula Kim’s debut line is an in-depth study of Brazilian culture, from its historic and influential creatives right down to the country’s immersive natural surroundings. Their vision is one that redefines menswear in Brazil and internationally, offering luxe interpretations of modern streetwear while presenting a brand story steeped in respect for one’s culture and love for the planet’s well-being.

The P_A debut collection is set to release online at p-andrade.com on November 9 at 6pm Brazil time.
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