Machine Gun Kelly Drops an Eccentric Music Video for “Papercuts”

Machine Gun Kelly has released the music video for “Papercuts,” which appears on his upcoming album Born With Horns. The Cole Bennett-directed video showcases an eccentrical rockstar outlook on Los Angeles.

The video opens in black and white with Machine Gun Kelly riding a motorcycle with a pair of gigantic horns attached to it. The rock-adjacent rapper also debuted his new clean-shaven head (it’s a wig-cap). In the segment, he strums a jet-black guitar while being surrounded by four walls of paper with unknown words on them as he sings, “Bleach my hair, mess it up/Take my life, dress it up/Signed a deal, I got papercuts/They wanted them, but they got us.” Right after the first verse ends an electric guitar comes in and Machine Gun Kelly pushes the walls away in a telepathic motion, while some papers begin circling around him.

As the movie video progresses, it flips through scenes of the rapper in the streets of Los Angeles, his head peeking out of a cutout wall and him playing the song to a warehouse full of people in various costumes such as chickens, clowns, rabbits, aliens and more.

Machine Gun Kelly’s recent announcement about the forthcoming album came via Instagram as he showed off his matching tattoo with Travis Barker, who is Born With Horns’ executive producer.

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