Lay’s Drops Doritos Cool Ranch, Cheetos Cheese & Funyuns Onion-Flavored Chips

Along with the new edition of Lay’s chips in the classic Dorito’s Cool Ranch flavor, Frito-Lay adds two flavor favorites such as Cheetos Cheese and Funyuns Onion-flavored chips to the lineup.

The snack brand is stocking shelves with iconic flavored chips but in the form of thin Lay’s. The taste is the same, but the textures have changed. Lay’s Cheetos Cheese-flavored chips are Lay’s chips with the usual cheesy taste, minus the puffy crunch. On the other side of the ring, Lay’s Funyuns Onion-flavored chips give a whole new experience in the form of Wavy Chips.

The three limited-edition Lay’s chips are available on Target’s website and will hit grocery stores in the coming weeks.

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