'Attack on Titan' Creator Hajime Isayama Auctions His Manga Desks for Charity

Attack on Titan manga creator Hajime Isayama is putting up the work desks he and his assistants used over the course of four years for auction. The desks were originally designed by Isayama’s father who is a furniture designer and made by Nitto Woodworks in Isayama’s hometown of Hita, Japan. Each desk features Isayama’s signature alongside hand-drawn illustrations of Attack on Titan characters including Eren and Mikasa, Eren and Levi, Eren and Armin, and the Colossal Titan.

“My assistants and I worked at these desks for about four years creating Attack on Titan. All the times we ate lunch at our desks, the times we slept at them, the times we talked and laughed about trivial things, the times we were tense right before the deadline… all the time spent working on this manga was spent at these desks and the time felt like my adolescent days that came late,” said Isayama.

With advancements in digital art, large groups of people no longer need to work together in the same place for manga production and the large desks have lost their purpose. However, Isayama still feels connected to them and hopes they can be of use to someone. The desks each weigh 100 kg and measure 112 x 120 centimeters (approximately 44 x 43 inches).

“Although there is much sad news these days I hope that the world will become a peaceful place,” Isayama continues, pledging the proceeds to Doctors Without Borders.

The work tables are now up for auction via the French auction house Drouot and are estimated to sell between 2,000 to 4,000 EUR ($2166 to $4332 USD).

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