Alpine's A110 LÉGENDE GT 2021 Hits the Sweet Spot Between Sportiness and Luxury

The Alpine A110 is a thoroughbred, a car for those who really understand driving and appreciate the raw visceral attraction of a formula consisting of car, engine, road. Now, Alpine has released the A110 LÉGENDE GT 2021, its new-and-improved version that looks to enhance all of the things that make the A110 the perfect driver’s car.

While the body and styling remain virtually untouched, there are a number of tweaks that have gone on under the car’s skin. For example, the LÉGENDE GT edition features the 292 HP, 320Nm-producing four-cylinder engine from the A110S, which allows it to launch from 0-60 MPH in just 4.4 seconds before hitting the top speed of 155 MPH.

Power is sent exclusively to the rear wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox, while stopping power is fierce thanks to a low curb weight and large brakes. The purpose of the A110 LÉGENDE GT 2021 is to bring the comfort of last year’s A110 LÉGENDE and the sportiness of the A110S, and this is achieved in this up-to-date combination of the two.

Alpine achieves this by adding luxury elements to a sporty car. Now, buyers can opt for the matte “Mercury Silver” paint job or the previously seen “Abyss Blue” shade, and inside they can opt for Sabelt Comfort bucket seats in either black leather or an exclusive hue of “Amber Brown” leather.

In contrast to this, you’ll find both car colors are fitted with pale gold Alpine monograms and 18” “Grand Prix” diamond-cut rims with gold brake calipers. Furthermore, translucent LED rear lights help distinguish this model from other A110 iterations. Inside, glossy carbon fiber has been combined with an extension of leather and a copper weave in the center console, dashboard visor and air vents, while a numbered plaque continues the exclusive theme.

There’s a numbered plaque because the already rare Alpine A110 is, in its LÉGENDE GT 2021 form, limited to just 300 units that are all heading to Europe. To reserve the Alpine A110 LÉGENDE GT 2021, head over to Alpine’s app now. It costs €71,600 EUR ex.VAT in France, or around £61,500 GBP/$86,500 USD.

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