Eye doctor shares simple video to test if you need to wear glasses

An eye doctor has shared a simple test people can do at home to see if they may need to wear glasses.

It is perfect for those who might find themselves squinting while reading a book or if their vision appears blurry at times.

If you do have any serious concerns about your eyes it is still important to book an appointment with the optometrist, but this simple test at home could be an easy start.

Dr Brittani Carver, an eye doctor in America, shared a TikTok video with the test.

In the clip, she reveals astigmatism could be the culprit as to why someone's vision isn't 20/20.

The NHS website explains astigmatism is when the eye is shaped more like a rugby ball than a football, "so light is focused at more than one place in the eye".

It can cause blurry vision, headaches, and eye strain – but the good news is that it's easily corrected with glasses and contact lenses.

To help discover if this could be something that you have, Dr Carver, of the Better Vision Optometric Centre in Fayetteville, shared a video of a circle consisting of thick black lines.

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Focus on the picture with your left eye and make a note if anything you see changes.

"What we're gonna look at is the star here," she says. "What we're looking for is any lines that are darker or blurrier or stand out.

"If you see lines either up and down, side to side that are standing out, that is a screening test to let you know that you do have astigmatism."

Dr Carver then asks the viewer to switch eyes and to complete the process again.

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The clip, which has been watched more than a million times, has shocked people with the results.

One person wrote: "Have it in my left eye, but not my right."

A second added: "Me still trying this test when I know I have astigmatism already."

And a third said: "I see diagonal at four o'clock and 10 o'clock when I cover my right eye, what do I do now?"

Mr Carver replied: "That means you may have astigmatism and need an eye exam. Go and see your local optometrist."

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