Alfie Kungu Hosts First Solo Show “Gap Tooth” Sponsored by Carhartt WIP

London based artist Alfie Kungu, who has worked with the likes of Nike, Liam Hodges, Vans and more, will be hosting his first solo exhibition titled “Gap Tooth.” The show, which is supported by Carhartt WIP, presents a series of new paintings on satin and silk.

Featuring uncanny and interesting characters from swearing gummy bears to flying frogs, the exhibition showcases Kungu’s eclectic catalogue. Through his eclecticism and playfulness, Kungu manages to express himself through these colorful works. As such, the forthcoming exhibition invites the audience to maneuver through Kungu’s catalogue, helping them to understand his process a little bit better.

Celebrating the launch, Kungu and Carhartt WIP have collaborated on two limited-edition t-shirts, which feature designs from Kungu himself. Additionally, Kungu and Village books have released their first joint publication, which contains artwork from “Gap Tooth.” Both the t-shirts and the book will be available exclusively at the exhibition shop.

“Gap Tooth” runs from Friday, August 13, through Saturday, August 14, at Fitzroy House, Abbot Street in London.

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