Watch Kate Beckinsale Crush a Challenging Abs Workout While Cracking Some Jokes

Kate Beckinsale has been busy promoting her new Amazon Prime movie, Jolt, but now, it seems, she’s back to her usual grind.

“Back on ye olde bullshit,” the 46-year-old captioned a series of Instagram videos of herself at the gym. Beckinsale is known for going hard during her workouts, and that’s certainly true here.

In one video, she does a series of hanging leg raises, showcasing some pretty impressive flexibility. In the next, she does side squats while casually working some battle ropes.

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People were definitely impressed in the comments. “Damn, the only way I could get either of my legs that far back would be to amputate it and hold it back there with my hand,” one wrote.

Siskind, who works at celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson’s gym, previously told Women’s Health that Beckinsale dives right in when they work together. “The whole hour is work,” he said. Beckinsale previously shared the details of her intense workout with Women’s Health. In a typical session, she kicks things off with eight compound exercises that work two muscle groups at once—like a biceps curl when she squats, or sit-ups with combination punches.

After that, she’ll do 90 to 120 seconds of a cardio intervals, like hitting the rower or VersaClimber, followed by the eight compound exercises again, adding heavier weights, bands, and more reps along the way.

After 45 minutes of that, Beckinsale likes to finish things off with a cardio interval using a rubber Inertia Wave, or one-leg pushes on a curved SkillMill treadmill. And clearly, stretching is important, too. She finishes the whole thing off by having Siskind work on her flexibility.

Worth pointing out: Beckinsale didn’t even start exercising until she did the 2001 movie Pearl Harbor. “Now exercise is almost more important to me moodwise,” she previously told WH. “The other aspects feel like a great side effect.” No word on how long it took her to ace that stretch.

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