‘Rugrats’ Reboot Announces New Voice Cast for Grown-Up Roles

The upcoming Rugrats reboot has added some brand new voices to the franchise!

While the original voice cast reprises their roles for the kids, the grown-ups have new actors voicing the characters.

Tony Hale has been cast as Chuckie’s dad Chas, Nicole Byer will voice Susie’s mom Lucy, and Natalie Morales will voice Phil and Lil’s mom Betty.

Also joining the cast are Ashley Rae Spillers and Tommy Dewey as Tommy Pickles’ parents Didi and Stu, Anna Chlumsky and Timothy Simons as Angelica’s parents Charlotte and Drew, Omar Miller as Susie’s dad Randy, and Michael McKean as Grandpa Lou Pickles.

“This incredibly talented group of actors provides a fresh and very funny take on these iconic roles, combining humor with heart to bring the characters to life in a whole new way,” Liz Paulson, Senior Vice President, Talent and Casting, Nickelodeon, said in a statement.

“The all-new Rugrats is packed with comedy, music and adventures that only babies can embark upon, and the role of the grown-ups is an essential piece of the series,” Ramsey Naito, President, Nickelodeon Animation, added.

The upcoming Rugrats reboot will premiere on Paramount+ this spring!

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