COMME des GARÇONS' Mini-Merch POCKET Store Blossoms in Bloomingdales

With seasonal outerwear drops and a new “PLAY TOGETHER” campaign, it’s a good time to be plugged into COMME des GARÇONS‘ various sub-labels. As such, Bloomingdale’s is launching a new outpost for COMME des GARÇONS POCKET, the tiny merch stores that offer some of the Japanese brand’s most popular garments and accessories.

COMME des GARÇONS PLAY proliferates the polka-dotted display, which lives up to its name by taking up only a 500 square-foot corner of the retailer’s New York flagship store — POCKET stores are unique in their layouts, as they’re each formatted to best fit within the confines of a desired space that changes in each locale. Furniture, aside from some small stools, is eschewed in favor of a relatively open layout that puts the focus on the product.

Like the POCKET in the artsy Chelsea neighborhood, Bloomingdale’s iteration boasts the Rei Kawakubo-designed plexiglass dividers that include built-in shelves that hold a host of CdG Play wearables, collaborative Chuck Taylors, special wallets and a selection of COMME des GARCONS Parfums scents.

Visit the ground floor of Bloomingdale’s 59th Street flagship to shop the selection of COMME des GARÇONS goods.

Elsewhere, COMME des GARÇONS kept the special drops coming with its collaborative Salomon sneakers.
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