People Are Sitting on Toilets Backwards So They Can Eat While They Poop

If scrolling through your phone on the toilet wasn’t already grim enough, TikTokers have found an even more disturbing way to pass time on the porcelain throne.

The “life hack” started with @AmyWoahh, who encouraged her 11.6 million followers to do a 180-degree turn and face the flush – essentially pooping backwards – so they could eat snacks and stream a TV show at the same time.

Life hack: take a 💩 BACKWARDS #backwards #bathroom #snacks #lifehack

“You have been pooping wrong,” she said in the viral video, which has been watched more than three million times. “What I want you to do is poop backwards. Get your favorite snacks, get your favorite show and that’s how you poop. It’s the best of all times. You just sit there jamming and pooping.”

Unfortunately for Amy, not everyone was on board. “Food shouldn’t touch bathroom air,” one person wrote. “I refuse to let food in the bathroom, it’s like adding the odor onto it,’ said another.

“Unhygienic but ok”, added someone else. A doctor even advised against it, writing: “Your show should be ended in five minutes, otherwise you’ll have hemorrhoids.”

TikTokker Karla from Texas (@texastraveler123) was next to jump on the trend – and the throne – by posting with her iPad and crisps in shot, and a bottle of Corona in-hand.

#stitch with @amyywoahh #fyp#viral#xyzbca

While most of her viewers were equally grossed out – ‘E. Coli has entered the chat’, one quipped – others weren’t totally opposed to the idea. ‘You realize the bathroom is the cleanest place in the house because you clean it with bleach so often,’ another wrote. A third asked the question we’re all thinking: “How long do you guys sit on the toilet???!”.

If you’re thinking about giving Amy’s “life hack” a go, we’d advise against it, unless you’re willing to run the risk of an E. coli infection – it’s possible to get one from drinking water or eating food that has been contaminated with feces. So keep the snacks out the bathroom.

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