Amazing eye mask that blocks out light and has built-in headphones is only £22

If you, like many Brits have been struggling to sleep during the lockdown, this £22 gadget available on Amazon could well be the solution to try.

It’s National Sleep Week until March 20, and with the clocks going forward on March 28 (losing us an hour of rest), now would seem the ideal time to get your sleep routine in order.

The WU-MINGLU Bluetooth Eye Mask is a perfect option for those who like to drift off to music, podcasts or other sounds thanks to built-in headphones that are nestled into a comfortable headband. it also helps to keep ambient noise at bay.

The headband doubles up as a light-blocking eye mask, which is something to consider if you’re sensitive to changes in light conditions at night.

It will also encourage you to get to sleep a little bit easier giving you a quiet and dark space to relax, plus we all know just how frustrating it is to try and get comfy at night with rogue uncomfortable headphones in.

Thanks to integrated Bluetooth technology the mask is easily connected to your mobile, tablet or computer device for hands-free listening. It also has up to nine hours of battery life once fully charged, so perfect for lasting the entire night without interruptions.

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The mask is currently £21.99 on Amazon, although there are two other options that are slightly cheaper, but don't carry the same 2021 technology.

The WU-MINGLU Eye Mask is made from a sumptuous cotton-polyester blend, which is kind to skin and machine washable too. For convenient cleaning the headphones are removable and simply popped back in once the headband is clean.

The product has received over 1,000 five star reviews on Amazon, with many users praising the plush fabric and overall comfortability.

One user left a review stating: "The material on this mask is very soft and pleasant to skin."

Another reviewer said: "I’ve tried a number of sleep phones and this is one of the better ones."

One happy customer commented: "I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the headphones for the price of the product. I found it pretty comfortable to wear and sleep in from all different sides."

The masks design has considered every kind of sleeper, whether it's the velcro strap at the back of the head which makes it easier to toss and turn, or the secure strap which helps to keep the mask comfortably in place; which is great for restless sleepers.

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