Natti Natasha Terrified When Doctors Couldn’t Find Baby’s Heartbeat After Birth

The ‘Illuminati’ singer recalls the terrifying moment when doctors couldn’t find her newborn baby’s heartbeat, several months after giving birth to her first child with fiance Raphy Pina.

AceShowbizNatti Natasha was left terrified when doctors couldn’t find her daughter Vida’s heartbeat after her birth.

The Latin singer and her fiance Raphy Pina welcomed Vida Isabelle into the world in May (21), but the birth wasn’t a drama-free experience.

As Vida was examined by doctors after her birth, they struggled to find a heartbeat, as Natti recalled, “That moment was horrible for me. Two doctors looked at each other and said: ‘I can’t hear anything.’ “

Raphy added to People en Espanol that he “sat in a corner and talked to God,” praying that the baby was okay.

Around 10 minutes later, the doctors found a heartbeat “and it was a big relief,” Pina added.

“When they put her in her crib, I started to cry,” he said.

Meanwhile, Natti added that nothing could prepare her for the overwhelming love she felt when Vida was born.

“When I met her she completed me in a way that nothing else could,” she gushed. “She fulfilled me.”

Before pregnancy, Natti Natasha was told she needed to undergo IVF to conceive.

When she eventually fell pregnant, she gushed, “The HAPPINESS that I feel in my heart is priceless!!!!!”

Husband-to-be added, “What an immense gift POPE GOD HAS GRANTED US! @nattinatasha God is the one in control and no matter how much they tell us NO, when he says YES, it works. A new life is on the way and it will have the best Parents in the world, the best families and the best fans!”

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