Matt Roloff to Propose on Little People, Big World?

Matt Roloff would like everyone to calm down.


Because he’s about to go down.

On one knee, that is, in order to pop one of life’s most important questions.

For months and months now, the Little People, Big World star has made his intentions with Caryn Chandler clear.

He hasn’t shied away from the topic of marriage; not when it’s come up between himself and social media followers nor when it’s come up between himself and Chandler on air or away from the cameras.

Earlier this week, meanwhile, the pressing subject came up between all three parties.

Allow us to explain…

Responding to one of a multitude of photos on Instagram of Rolloff and his serious girlfriend, one fan simply wrote “marry that woman!”, a remark that drew a response from Caryn herself.

“lol cute,” she replied, prompting Matt to jump in and basically tell everyone to calm down.

In very sweet fashion, that is.

“Maybe I will!” replied the father of four. “You’ll have to wait and see.”

Might Matt be implying here that he’ll propose on an upcoming episode of Little People, Big World?

That would be exciting!

Roloff and Chandler have been together for about five years and have known each other for even longer because the latter used to work as a manager on the former’s farm.

There was a bit of controversy back when they started hooking up because Amy Roloff has alleged that Matt cheated on her with Caryn — in an emotional sense, at the very least.

As a result, a bit of understandable tension exists between Matt, Caryn, Amy and Amy’s fiance, Chris Marek.

However, to everyone’s credit, these four are able to remain amicable as they continue to film various seasons of Little People, Big World together.

Matt, meanwhile, has often insisted that he plans to propose to Caryn.

At one point, he said he wanted to wait until Amy and Chris got married because he didn’t wanna overshadow their engagement or their big day… which is actually a very nice sentiment.

“I’m working on the idea,” Matt previously wrote to a follower who asked about him and Chandler getting engaged, adding in very certain terms:

“A prediction… by this time next year —- bling on.’

Matt said that in January. 

So you can go ahead and do the math.

Matt celebrated Caryn’s birthday with a sweet Instagram post this past Tuesday.

It featured photos of their celebration and of the birthday cake they enjoyed with family members.

Alongside the pictures and a clip of Caryn blowing out the candles on top of the cake, Matt wrote:

“Happy Birthday to the most fabulous person in the world.

“You’re amazing Caryn and you touch so many people with your sweet joy and beautiful spirit! Here’s to many many more. Xoxoxo.”

How romantic, right?!?

We’re guessing Caryn appreciated the message and the gesture and whatever present Matt gave to her.

But we’re guessing she’d like something else even more: 

A diamond ring!

Make it happen, Matt.

Just go ahead and make this happen.

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