Nearly half of adults don’t have any art supplies in their home, study finds

Almost half of adults don’t have any art supplies in their home – with one in five claiming they’ve never picked up a paintbrush other than to decorate. Research of 2,000 Brits revealed 53 percent like the idea of art as a pastime – but 63 percent have never given it any serious consideration as a hobby.

Of those, 69 percent didn’t think they had the talent for it, and almost one in five worried their work wouldn’t meet their own expectations.

And 53 percent of all respondents admitted they would be nervous about what people would say about their creations, were they to give it a try.

Six in ten felt it would be daunting to create something arty, with 28 percent considering their skillset to be distinctly average – and 31 percent giving themselves a self-deprecating “very poor” rating.

The research was commissioned by Sky Arts ahead of two Celebrating David Hockney films, airing next Monday and Tuesday (August 28 and 29), at 9pm.

It has also launched free creative workshops to help people get in touch with their artistic sides, and take inspiration from one of the world’s greatest living artists.

Presenter Gemma Cairney, who was at Spitalfields City Farm to practice her painting with a local artist, and help launch the workshops, said: “Having access to the arts is so important, both growing up and as adults, too – we should have every opportunity to get creative.”

The study also revealed many are still keen to have art in their home – with a third opting to display the works of local artists, and 24 percent putting their kids’ works on show.

But a third were put off giving it a go themselves because of cost, while almost one in five didn’t think there were enough places in their local area to help explore their artistic side.

As a result, many would like to see more craft stores, art galleries, and cultural centres locally, according to the OnePoll data.

A third would be more encouraged to pick up a paintbrush if they had someone to teach them, and 26 percent would give free activities a go.

Phil Edgar Jones, director of Sky Arts, said: “Our research shows there are lots of budding artists out there just waiting to give it a go – but not everyone has access to the supplies required, and it can be difficult sometimes to take the leap and try something new.

“Our brand new films celebrating David Hockney will give everyone the chance to get up close to one of the greatest artists of our time.

“So, if you’re inspired by his work, put your artistic skills to the test for free, and join us at one of our workshops up and down the country. You might discover a hobby that could captivate you for years to come.”

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