Director Castille Landon Talks ‘After’ Sequels, Confirms 2021 Release

The director of the next two After movies, Castille Landon, is giving fans a little update to start the year.

The After movies Instagram account shared a video message from the director on After We Fell and After Ever Happy.

“Hi guys, I’m Castille Landon, and I’m the director of After three and four. I started working on the project last July, developing the script with [author] Anna [Todd] and [producer] Jen [Gibgot], and really focusing on keeping it faithful to the books and bringing book Hessa to life,” she says.

“We shot the films in Bulgaria, and thanks to Hero and Jo, and the amazing cast and crew, and producers, the films look SO great,” Castille continued. “I cannot wait to bring you the next installment of After in 2021. Happy New Year!”

If you missed it, see what Hero said after they wrapped filming last month!

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