Rebel Wilson’s personal trainer shares workout tips for 2021

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When it comes to health and fitness, Rebel Wilson’s personal trainer Jono Castano knows the difference a year can make.

The Sydney, Australia-based trainer and founder of Acero Gym worked regularly with the “Pitch Perfect” star during her “year of health” weight-loss journey in 2020, where she went from once consuming about 3,000 calories a day to reaching her goal weight of 75kgs (165 pounds) in November.

“The New Year is always a great place to start for a fitness goal,” Castano told Page Six Style. “The holidays are over, and most people are getting back into their routines, so this is where making room for your health in your day-to-day life can be made.”

According to the Aussie fitness expert, the first step in achieving a goal is to “make it known to anyone that will listen. This keeps you accountable as you will get constantly reminded about it.”

The “Hustle” actress seemingly took his advice to heart last year when she announced her fitness journey on Instagram. Last week, she celebrated her success with a post representing the “uphill journey” of her year of health and asking followers: “What are your goals for next year? Believe in yourself, work hard, you can do it!”

When deciding on your own goals for the year ahead, Castano recommends committing to something that is “attainable and realistic, but also measurable.” From there, he advises slowly implementing “small changes” in healthy eating and exercise that you can build on over time.

“If 2021 is going to be the year you put your health first…make sure 80% of the time, what you do is towards that goal,” he explained. “The other 20% of the time life happens, you will have birthdays, dinners with friends, holidays and other sorts of things, allow yourself to enjoy that but make sure when it’s over, you get right back into it.”

When it comes to working out, Castano tells his clients to get moving for at least 45 minutes a day, whether it’s a sweat-dripping workout or low intensity. Wilson’s six-day workout routine reportedly combined HIIT, mobility, and weights.

“One of my biggest things is 45 daily…Everyone has 45 minutes somewhere and it doesn’t have to be a grueling sweat-sesh either, it could even just be a walk.” he explained.

While Wilson’s workouts sometimes incorporated tire flips and battle ropes, Castano offered tips for building strength in at-home workouts.

“Utilize what you got but if you feel like it is getting a bit boring, adding in some new equipment will help,” he said. “Resistance bands and hand weights are easy to store and can definitely amp up an any home workout.”

For Castano, having fun with workouts is also a key part of any fitness journey.

“First and foremost, for me, I always want my clients to enjoy their workout, if you don’t enjoy it, you won’t do it. Finding a workout you enjoy and can fit into your schedule is important.”

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