Charlie Dimmock: Garden Rescue star, 55, shared ‘selfish’ reason she never married

Charlie Dimmock tells her client: Tread on that paving, I'll kill you!

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Charlie Dimmock has returned to screens recently as she stars in new episodes of the hit BBC series Garden Rescue. Given her return to television, many have been left wanting to know more about the horticulturalist, including her life off screen.

The BBC presenter tends to keep out of the spotlight, appearing only in the gardening series in recent years.

However, she’s been a firm favourite of green-fingered fans ever since she burst onto televisions in 1997 on Ground Force.

Outside of her presenting career, the star has never been married, which she opened up about in an unearthed interview.

Speaking in 2014, she gave her stance on marriage and the “selfish” reason she avoided it.

She said: “I’m too old now, certainly too old for marriage, there’s no point. I do think I’m too old now.

“I can’t see anything happening when it comes to romance; somebody would have to really bowl me over.”

The star went on to add to the Daily Mail: “I am quite content without a man in my life. I’m quite happy as I am with my cat, my dog and my horse. They’re all the company I need.

“I think that if I did meet someone I’d prefer a partnership to marriage.

“That’s terrible, isn’t it? Very selfish, that’s what they say, isn’t it? But I like being able to do what I want.”

Charlie has kept her romances out of the spotlight throughout her career.

However, she was in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend John Mushet in the 1990s.

The couple met in New Zealand and were together for 13 years before their split in 2001.

They broke up after Charlie had an affair with Ground Force sound technician Andy Simmonds.

At the time, Charlie admitted she didn’t regret what had happened in a candid admission.

Opening up about it in 2002, she said: “I don’t see Andy anymore, but I don’t regret what happened.”

“You wouldn’t do anything if you kept worrying about what might go wrong,” she added to the Daily Mail.

The latest episode of Garden Rescue returned last Friday as Charlie and the Rich brothers helped a couple.

This followed Peter and Barbara who were looking for a stripped-back redecoration of their garden in Pontypridd.

The couple, now in their 80s, had a budget of £5,000 for the work as Charlie and her team got stuck in.

The series airs weekly on Fridays on the BBC at 3.45pm.

However, it won’t be broadcasting this week as Chelsea Flower Show takes place.

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