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A SLEEP expert has revealed how getting to the airport early can help passengers rest better on a flight.

Planes are notoriously difficult places to get some sleep, but there are ways that passengers can improve their chances of drifting off.

Martin Seeley, CEO at MattressNextDay and sleep expert, explained how arriving at the airport early can benefit passengers much more than just being on time for their flight.

One of his top tips is to have a 30-minute walk-through duty-free before flying, which he claims can make people sleepier, allowing them to sleep more easily when their plane takes off.

He said: "A 30-minute walk around duty-free is a MUST as it can help you sleep better.

"You should always head to the airport early to account for any delays but did you know it can help you sleep better, too?

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"Before you board, spend 30 minutes walking around the airport, duty-free or even in the lounge.

"Studies have shown that just 30 minutes of moderate exercise can boost sleep quality.

"A further study found that women who spent more time being active and took more steps reported improved sleep and more time spent asleep, which is essential before the start of your holiday."

Martin also pointed out that different drinks can make it easier for passengers to sleep too.

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When it comes to beverages, his biggest tip is to switch booze for water, with alcohol making passengers more dehydrated.

He said: "If you are looking to sleep on a plane, always opt for water instead of alcohol.

"While it may make it easier for you to drift off, alcohol actually disrupts your sleep and lowers the quality – making you more tired in the morning.

"And, if you’ve ever had a scratchy throat on a plane, that’s because the air is notoriously dry in the cabin.

"This can make it harder to fall asleep, therefore, drinking water before and throughout your flight will not only alleviate these problems but make it easier for you to drift off"

Finally, Martin recommends using sound to help passengers drift off, particularly white noise, which he said can drown out unwanted cabin noises.

He added: "White noise – which is noise you can listen to that can drown out external sounds such as the noise of a jet – has long been tipped as a help for those who struggle to sleep or suffer with insomnia. 

"There are lots of playlists on Spotify. However, if you don’t find it relaxing, you could instead pre-download sleep stories or meditation guides that can be found on the likes of Headspace or Calm."

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