Orchid mistake to ‘never ever’ make with this plant as it will ‘kill them’

When households have a fresh cut orchid in a vase, what they want to do is to keep the blooms fresh and beautiful as long as they can. 

In order to do this, there are several mistakes the florists at The Bouqs urge houseplant owners to avoid, particularly as one mistake can end up killing them.

Placing orchids in direct light

Despite orchids evolving from the sweltering heat of tropical environments they don’t like direct sunlight.

Orchids mostly grew in lush jungles and forests where a thick canopy protected them from direct exposure to the sun.

So for “best results”, the flower experts instructed: “Place your orchid in a room that receives a lot of natural light but keep it well away from the window. 

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“Not doing so will most likely cause your orchid to dehydrate and lose its stunning colourfulness.”

Overwatering or underwatering 

According to the experts, owners should “never ever” over or underwater these cut flowers. Orchids are pretty much the “flower world’s biggest divas” and giving them too much or too little water “will kill them”.

Unlike other blooms, orchid cut flowers are not the biggest fans of water. Giving them a little bit of water will do.

However, quite reasonably, most people just assume that they should treat their fresh-cut orchids like any other flower. The florists said that this is a “huge no-no” unless owners want their orchid to have a “severe case of root rot”.

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The experts added: “Instead of giving your eye-catching orchid cut flowers half a vase full of water or even a third of a vase full, give it around a quarter cup to sip on.”

One “quick way” to tell if an orchid needs more water is if the leaves, stem, or petals start “losing their vibrancy or turning grey or yellow”.

Orchids are naturally bright and colourful, and with the proper amount of water, should “stay that way for up to a week”.

Keeping orchids in an area that is overly dry or cool

Households “never” want to put their orchid in an overly dry or cool area as they are of tropical descent.

Since orchids love high humidity, they’re pretty much the perfect flower for bathrooms with a shower or bath. 

While most flowers would hate being bombarded with steam on the regular, orchid cut flowers will “absolutely dig it”. 

Just make sure to place them in a bathroom with a lot of foot traffic so the light isn’t constantly turned off.

For those who are struggling to keep humidity levels between 55 to 75 percent in their home, try misting the orchid’s leaves or running a humidifier – both can “work wonders”.

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