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A travel blogger has revealed a common mistake passengers make that are making flights more uncomfortable.

Youtuber Sabina, better known as Girl vs Globe, explained why glasses wearers should stick to spectacles when flying instead of opting for contact lenses.

It's all to do with how dry the air is on planes, which can affect your body in more ways than you might realise.

As Sabina explained in a video on her YouTube channel, the air combined with contact lenses can leave you feeling scratchy and uncomfortable.

She said: "Don't wear contacts, wear glasses because the dry air makes it feel like you've got sandpaper behind your eyelids."

Contact lens suppliers also advise against wearing their products on flights, saying: "The lack of oxygen can cause dry eyes, making the lenses tighten in your eye, which can cause microscopic tears to the cornea.

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"This effect may occur even during regular use, so you can imagine how the effects double when you're in an airplane."

If you insist on wearing your contacts on a flight, always take them out before taking a nap.

If you have reusable lenses then bring a small bottle of solution to store them while you sleep, if you have disposables then bring a couple of extra pairs.

The dry air can also affect your taste as well as your eyesight.

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This is because it can also dry out your nasal passages and make your taste buds less perceptive.

The effect is similar to when you have a cold and your sense of smell is weakened as well as your sense of taste.

On a plane, your nose dries out, meaning when you eat your in-flight meal, the food doesn't taste that good.

A pilot has also backed up Sabina's advice, claiming she doesn't fly without packing hydrating eye drops, to prevent her eyes from drying out.

She told T3: "The dry cabin atmosphere can make your eyes feel dry and uncomfortable, so I keep small single-use vials of hydrating eye drops to keep my eyes moist and in mint condition."

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