This man allegedly lived in an airport for 3 months – like a real life Tom Hanks movie

Authorities in Chicago have announced the arrest of a California man they say lived inside O’Hare International Airport for three months.

According to reports, the man was afraid to fly due to COVID-19 transmission fears.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Aditya Singh is accused of living inside the airport’s security zone since he arrived in October.

The newspaper said that he was charged with felony criminal trespass.

The judge in the case appeared bewildered during a court hearing on Sunday and asked how a person could live inside such a major airport for such a long period of time.

Prosecutors said Singh was found out by employees for United Airlines and allegedly had an identification card that was lost by an airport employee.

The report said that bail was set at $1,000 (£736) and he cannot visit an airport until his court appearance later this month.

In 2004, Tom Hanks starred in the film The Terminal, about an Eastern European man who is stuck at New York's JFK Airport after he is denied entry to the US, but is also unable to return home due to a military coup in his country.

Since then, there have been a number of other incidents of travellers stuck at airports for extended periods of time.

In 2020, Roman Trofimov stayed in the departures area of Manila airport in the Philippines for more than 100 days after arriving on an AirAsia flight from Bangkok on March 20.

The Estonian, who had been travelling around Southeast Asia, said his passport was taken before he went through immigration.

The airline was also unable to return him to Thailand amid restrictions due to coronavirus pandemic

He was also denied entry into the Philippines as entry visas were no longer being issued for arrivals.

In 2018, a penniless British OAP was forced to sleep rough in a Russian airport for two weeks after being barred from leaving the country.

Steve Beard was banned from flying to London and was forced to wash in toilets at the travel hub.

The Brit, who has a son Robert, eight, with his wife, had intended to fly briefly back to the UK to sort out his pension payments.

He flew to Moscow but was then barred from leaving the country at Sheremetyevo airport because his Russian residency permit had expired.

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