The hidden Disney World spot where you can avoid the crowds

DISNEY World can draw huge crowds all year round, as families flock to the happiest place on earth.

But if you are planning on going and want to avoid the rabble, this hidden Disney World spot is perfect for you.

Tiktok user @briantreks posted a video revealing the hidden spot which offers people space away from the crowds and some shade.

In Tomorrowland, there is a covered section with several benches.

The spot is tucked away near a set of stairs and is a viewing area for the Tomorrowland Speedway.

Since not many people know about it, the area is rarely busy, which is a haven in a park that is usually crammed with Disney fans.

Brian said of the spot: "This one's in Tomorrowland at the Tomorrowland Speedway.

"This is the Speedway viewing area. It's shaded and perfect to watch people crashing into each other on the Speedway.

"You don't have to ride the Speedway to access it."

Disney fans are grateful for tip in the video, which has racked up nearly 8,000 views.

One person commented: "Such a great secret spot!"

Another wrote: "A great place to chill with a cool drink and some food away from the crowds."

And another commented: "I have been to Magic Kingdom and million times and never knew. Thanks!!!"

Another secret spot was revealed by a Disney fan in a video which has been liked by more than four thousand people.

In a video titled: "The hidden Disneyland picnic area is surprisingly easy to miss", he shared the location of a quiet picnic area.

He said: "Not a lot of people realise Disneyland has a secret area just outside the park gates.

"This picnic area is hidden behind thick green hedges with plenty of tables and seating, and even rentable lockers to store your stuff at the start of the day and pick it up later when you are ready to eat."

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