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JETLAG is one of the few downsides to going abroad for a holiday.

But retired Navy Seal Jocko Willink recently revealed the hack he uses to avoid feeling tired – and it's perfect if you're suffering from jetlag.

Willink shared his power nap tip on Mikhaila Peterson's podcast, with the interview being circulated on TikTok.

In the clip, Willink explained that he'd take a ten-minute nap to avoid feeling tired.

While relatively short, Willink had a tip for maximising the stint.

He said: "I don't know if you've ever tried it, but elevate your feet above your heart.

"So lay down on the floor, and put your feet on the couch or something. Lay down on the floor and set your alarm clock for ten minutes.

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"If you're really tired, you'll fall asleep really quickly. And when you wake up, you'll feel like you just slept for six hours."

For an article in Insider, travel writer Lauren Edmonds put the hack to the test in a bid to avoid a bout of jetlag on a recent trip.

She wrote: "Ten minutes came too soon, but I felt more aware and cognizant than before trying the hack."

For those holidaymakers who don't think they could tear themselves away from a nap after ten minutes, then there are other ways to avoid jetlag.

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Travel experts at viewfromthewing.com recently revealed their best tips for avoiding jetlag.

The experts urged passengers to adjust to the local time from the moment they board.

They also suggested eating and sleeping as if it's the time at your destination from the moment you board.

Having your meals at the times you will be once you arrive can help your body adjust, making it easier for you to get your body in sync.

Meanwhile, sleep expert Max Stevens at the Sleep Checklist knows a thing or two about keeping sleep in check.

He recommends using pink noise sounds like waves or strong winds while on the plane.

The sleep expert said: "While the studies on pink noise are small they do show promising results."

"If you have listened to white noise on a plane and it didn't work for you, try pink noise as it could help you to settle quicker and sleep for more of your flight."

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This expert has recommended adjusting to a new time zone the day before you fly.

And one member of the Sun Online Travel team recently put one jet lag hack to the test – but it's not easy for Brits.

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