You have 20/20 vision if you spot the pumpkin full of treats among the Halloween decorations in less than 9 seconds | The Sun

CAN you spot the pumpkin full of treats among the colorful Halloween decorations?

If you can find it in the optical illusion in less than nine seconds, you may have 20/20 vision.

Online Mortgage Advisor created a brain puzzle that everybody can take part in.

Some people love horror movies and ghost hunts for Halloween while others prefer something slightly less spooky. 

Upon first glance, you may not notice that there is a fall staple carefully concealed in the photo above.

Go on a hunt to find the hidden pumpkin full of treats among the not-so-scary Halloween decorations and treats.

How quickly do you think you could spot it?

Test your skills of observation and set your timer for only 10 seconds.

Were you able to spot the holiday staple?

If you couldn't catch it, don't worry because the answer is directly below.

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The festive item is in the top right corner of the picture.

There are plenty of other ways to assess your critical thinking skills.

Try another Halloween brainteaser and see if you can spot the hidden bat in the haunted house image below.

If you catch the creature in less than 10 seconds, there is a likelihood that you have a high IQ.

Set your timer and have at it – Ready, Set, Go.

Were you able to spot the winged animal in the time frame allotted?

We can understand if it took you a bit longer to find it.

Don't worry because the answer is also below.

The bat is in the bottom left of the fun drawing.

If that was too easy or too hard, time yourself for 15 seconds to see if you can find the American bittern bird hiding in the weeds in the snapshot below.

The photo is part of the Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and shows tall weeds and other plants intertwined.

They're stealthy, frequently standing still in marshes — just as this one is doing.

The American bittern blended in really well with its surroundings, which made it harder to spot.

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If you can't find the bird, you don't have to worry because the answer is also below.

It's in the bottom-middle of the image, slightly toward the right.

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