I'm a frequent flyer and here’s how to stop people breaking into your room if travelling alone

A frequent flyer has shared a tip for anyone who is planning on travelling alone.

There is a household item that can be bought for as little as £1 that can keep you safe in your hotel room.

A rubber doorstop will stop unwanted intruders from breaking and entering, because even the strongest intruder would struggle to break through a door with a doorstop wedged from the other side.

David Klain, a frequent traveller and aviator revealed that he never goes on holiday without one in his luggage.

Speaking on Quora, he said: “When staying in a hotel, you can put that door stop under the door preventing someone from breaking in, [because] the chain on the door will stop no one.

“In the case of a terrorist attack or lone gunman incident, typically they will go through all rooms.

“But, if they can't get the door open [they will] move on to other rooms before working their way back to the doors that wouldn't open.

“This buys you time for you to get away and police to respond.”

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