I’m a frequent flyer and here’s how my wife and I ALWAYS sit together – even when we book seats apart

A FREQUENT flyer has revealed how he and his wife always sit together on a plane – even when they book seats apart.

Rajan Bhavanani has admitted that he and his wife regularly take another passenger's seat without asking, and he said no one has ever complained.

He took to question and answer site Quora to share his tip with readers.

He uploaded a photo of a plane seating plan, which has three blocks of seats in each aisle, each with three seats in.

The two aisle seats in the middle section were circled to indicate that those are the seats he and his wife book when they go on a flight.

The booked seats had a seat in between them.

He said: "That's right, I intentionally book seats that are not next to each other. Why?

"The middle column middle seat is one of the last ones sold on a flight.

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"So unless the flight is completely full, there's a very good chance no one will take the seat between us and we will share the three seats between the two of us."

He continued and said that if someone else does come along, they offer them one of the aisle seats.

He said: "The normal response to this is to momentarily look at us like we're crazy, and then very quickly agree.

"It's almost as if they are worried we'll suddenly realise we're trading an aisle seat for a middle seat.

"Whoever we're sitting next to is immediately in a much better mood than they were when they boarded – which is always a good thing on a long flight."

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