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A BAGGAGE handler has revealed why you should never check in luggage without any wheels.

Rachel Bacha, who works as a ramp agent for an international airline, often reveals her top tips on her TikTok account.

In one of her latest videos, she explained why only four-wheeled suitcases should be checked in – or your bag is much more likely to get damaged.

The 23-year-old said: "Any time you are purchasing a suitcase, get a bag with four wheels for a couple of different reasons.

"There are people loading your bags on the planes and some of the planes have really long cargo bins, and at some airports, they don't have a machine that takes all of the bags up into the bin to you.

"So there are two people, one throwing the bag and one stacking the bag. I hesitate to use the word throw but that is what it is called, we throw bags.

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"Some of these airplanes have bins that are 20 feet long.

"Your bag has to start from here and go all the way back there…and the way it gets there is by being rolled, slid or tossed.

"What I'm saying is that if your bag has four wheels it is going to get rolled and if your bag had two wheels it's going to get tossed."

"Moral of the story, a four-wheel bag is going to protect your bag and it's easier and it's more convenient."

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People also in the industry agreed with her in the comments.

One wrote: "4 wheeled bags are great! They are great to roll down a long bin."

Another said: "As a Ramp Agent for Alaska Airlines I totally agree. Hard sided and 4 wheel bags are the way to go."

However, other airline workers didn't agree – one said: "I worked Baggage X-ray years ago-4 wheelers got stuck in front of the machine sometimes, *bane* of my existence."

Here is what to do if an airline breaks your suitcase.

Airline worker Megan Homme recently revealed the best suitcases to check in, which included hard suitcases as well as ones that are darker coloured.

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Don't make it heavy either as it will get damaged more easily.

However, a travel expert has revealed why you SHOULDN'T take a suitcase with wheels if travelling with just hand luggage.

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