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AN AIRPORT baggage worker has warned passengers about a simple mistake that can lead to their luggage being put on different planes.

Losing bags is one of the main worries for passengers checking in items instead of just flying with cabin luggage.

And there's one very easy way in which they can increase their chances of that problem happening.

By not removing old luggage stickers from previous flights, electronic scanning machines at airports can get confused and instead send their luggage to a different flight.

A baggage handler at Ontario Airport (@flyontairport) explained in a video on Tiktok why you should always remove the stickers after your flights.

He said: "Let's say you flew American, and then a month later, you flew Southwest.

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"There's a little sticker that goes on for American that tells the computer that it should go to [their flights].

"If your month-old American sticker is on there, there's a chance it scans it instead of the Southwest one.

"It might end up over there and not get on the plane."

One of the people the man in the video was explaining this to revealed that they were guilty of leaving the stickers on.

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She replied: "Okay. I've left stickers on before, so that's good to know."

Some people commenting on the video said they collected the stickers but would remove them from now on.

One wrote: "I leave them on as souvenirs from all my trips."

Another said: "Didn’t know about this but good to know."

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Another baggage handler commented on the video, adding: "I know people like to collect tags and I'm sorry if your upset that we take them off.

"But I'd rather you be upset about that then not having your luggage."

There are other ways passengers can prepare for lost luggage, to make sure that even if it gets left behind, they know where it is.

One of those is to use AirTags in their bags so they can track them using their phone.

A lot of passengers have started using the devices and have even managed to find their bags after they've been left behind at other airports.

Some passengers also insist on packing extra clothes in their hand luggage in case of such an emergency.

One frequent flyer revealed on Reddit how they split their luggage with their travelling companion, so if one bag goes missing, they eachstill have some of their stuff.

They said: "If you're travelling by plane with another person, split your clothes and put half of each persons clothes into each suitcase.

"That way if one suitcase is lost en route, you both still have clothing, rather than one person being left with nothing to wear."

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Meanwhile, this flight attendant revealed the item he always packs when travelling to make it easier.

And a travel expert has explained why you should never put your address on your luggage tag.

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