‘Gorgeous and easy to grow’ plants that ‘flower all summer’ and return annually

For those new to gardening or who don’t have much time to maintain their outdoor space, there are certain plants gardeners should grow.

Gardening experts at Squires Garden Centre have shared several plants they recommend that will “grow almost anywhere in most conditions and require little maintenance” whilst producing “gorgeous” flowers.

These “easy to grow” plants can be planted in spring and summer and will need watering regularly.

To get started, gardeners need a garden fork and trowel, a selection of plants, compost and a watering can or hose.

Start by preparing the soil by digging out with a fork to remove stones and weeds. Add a little compost, then use a trowel to prepare holes large enough to accommodate the plants.

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Five easy to grow plants 

1. Geraniums

These plants grow well in borders or beds, prefer full sun and require moderate watering during the spring/summer season. 

They are available in upright and trailing varieties. The plants flower during spring and summer and last for just those seasons.

2. Echinacea

“Gorgeous and easy to grow”, these bold, “robust” perennials are increasingly popular in gardens and are “fantastic for attracting bees and butterflies”.

They combine well with other late perennials and grasses, due to their variety of colours.

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Echinacea plants “flower all summer long” in gardens and “return every year” for a magnificent display of blooms.

3. Lavender 

All gardeners need to do when it comes to lavender is keep them well watered, and fed until the plants are established and pruned once a year.

The experts explained: “The plants will need to be pruned once a year, either in late summer once the plants have finished flowering, or in early spring before the new growths emerge. 

“Use secateurs to remove flower stalks once they have finished flowering.” This plant flowers from May to August and “comes up each year”.

4. Centaurea amethyst dream

Providing rich purple flowers that are large and flared, this plant is “perfect for beds and borders”.

Perennial cornflowers are hardy, reliable, easy to grow and “flowers all summer and come up each year”.

5. Hebes 

This plant is a “fast-growing evergreen” variety that can be planted at “any time”. 

The bushy shrub, which comes in different varieties and flowers in purples, pinks and white, “retains its leaves all year and flowers each summer”.

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